Disordered Eating

More and more, we are seeing an increase in men and women, young and old, who become anxiously preoccupied with body image and weight control. This can have an alarmingly negative effect on a person’s functioning, quality of life and self-esteem. Subsequently sense of worth can relate proportionately to either how good or how bad the persons feels on a particular day. These problems can escalate and become even more complex and potentially threaten to harm the life of the person.

What are the Benefits of Eating Distress Counselling?

  • Speak with a trained professional who understands your distress and can advise on treatment options.
  • Understand what you are experiencing and why your thoughts are pre-occupied with food in this way.
  • Examine your thoughts, feelings and behaviours more closely and identify anxiety provoking triggers.
  • Develop coping strategies to replace compensatory behaviours such as fasting, vomiting, taking laxatives and over-exercise.
  • Develop healthier eating habits, and improve self-Image and psychological strength.Gain greater self-understanding and insight, thereby increasing sense of self-worth and self-esteem